22 May 2008


This is my first time doing the plunge. I'm really looking forwards to doing it!!! Everyone I've told about the plunge thinks I'm insane but I bet they are just jealous! Knitting socks is my sanity saver. I am getting ready by petting all my sock yarn :) , I made a notebook of different patterns with yarn weight and the source of pattern for easy reference. I know when I look for a pattern either online or in my books I get distracted and then overwhelmed and that takes time out for knitting.

All relatives will be recieving socks this year!! And my 4 yr. old son has been demanding some socks of his own. Those will go quicker and maybe he will recieve most of the socks I knit this year!

Can't wait to get started and see everyone's socks!
Good luck,
Sara (gtteknochik)

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