07 February 2009

Pair #12

Pair #12

Pattern: Shifty from Knitspot

Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight Purple Rain

Started on: Jan 29th

Finished on: Feb 7th

These were quick and fun to knit. The pattern was easy to memorize.

06 February 2009


I posted that in the worng Blog!!! sorry!


Today is a great day to refelect on the happenings around us!
the world appears to be falling apart around us, the news just tells of more layoffs, more wars, killings, and all the bad around us..........but yet the world keeps turning and the seasons are still changing. Soon Spring will be here and the world will be colorful and vibrant again. Despite a snowy winter here in New England, at least we can say other areas have had it much worse than we, the white refreshed snow fall at least adds a brightness we seem to need. As you continue to shovel and plow, take a moment to stop and look at the scene around you, the white freshly fallen snow, the birds singing in the trees getting ready to start nesting, the squirrels running to and fro looking for yet more food, bare in mind that below the snow the roots of the flowers are growing and strenghten waiting,waiting,waiting for Mother Nature to tell them it's time to bring their color into the world. The color of the new season will be here before we know it as each season seems to fly faster than the last! Enjoy today as you go through it and remember :: Tomorrow is a new adventure to be explored when it becomes today!
have a great day!

05 February 2009

Madmoon's Progress

Bulky Boot Socks
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Pair 23. These are for my hubby's birthday next week. These are Bulky Boot Socks by Charlene Schurch with Wool-ease by Lion Brand Yarn.