30 July 2008

#13 and #14 socks finished

Am busy knitting now for Knitting4CanadianSoldiers so lots of sock knitting to do.
Am loving every moment of this challenge. These socks will be given out to the Afganistan children by our soldiers.
This is pairs #13 & #14.
Have already cast on for the 3rd pair and doing the heel, now. Helps when you are using thicker yarns and larger needles. These socks should fit probably 2 -4 years of age. Have to find some wool for a girls socks as seems all I have is darker colors.

28 July 2008

Pair #12 Done -- Unnamed as yet

Here is my pair #12, completed this afternoon. Tausendschon yarn, 2.00 mm needles, my own design.

On feet 2

27 July 2008

Socks 4, 5, and 6

Well, I didn't knit as much as I expected to on a three-week vacation (too busy having fun) but had a one-day business trip during which I knitted an entire sock! I also got a bit behind on my picture taking. The fourth pair was started June 16 and the sixth pair was finished July 26.

Sock 4

Pattern: Dublin Bay Socks by Ryan Morrisey

Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwoll 100% superwash, Zenzi colorway

Needles: Knit Picks DPNs U.S. 0 (2.0 mm)

Sock 5

Pattern: Monkeys by Cookie A. from Knitty, Winter 2006

Yarn: Spritely Yarns Fey, Militia colorway

Needles: Knit Picks DPNs U.S. 2 (2.75 mm)

Sock 6

21 July 2008

Sock Rodeo

I've been away from the internet and knitting madly (on trains, planes and automobiles), so I have all kinds of progress:

Pair 6:
Pretty basic toe-up socks, except I knit them both at the same time, thinking that would provide some variety amongst the constant sock knitting. I did like having them both done at once, but while I was knitting I felt like it took forever!

Pair 7:
the Rushing Rivulet Socks from New Pathways for Socks Knitters. It's the riverbed architecture, and while it was interesting, I'm not crazy about the way they fit my arch--kind of gap-y.

Pair 8:
Toe-up socks knit from my own handspun (Coopworth wool). The socks are pretty plain, but I love how they turned out--and how the stripes seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Pair 9:
More handspun, this time merino. The yarn was thicker, so these are more like house-socks or slippers. But they're definitely cozy!


20 July 2008

Madmoon's progress

Originally uploaded by madmoon

Pair 8. Finally Done. This pair started out in the little shells pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks but ended up way too tight. So I raveled and just did plain stockinette.

6th & 7th


May Day by AnniDesign.
Knitting Goddess 4ply superwash merino sock yarn, color Yellow Spot.
2.5mm DPNs

7th pair:
Pattern based on Ann Budd's article "Working socks from the toe up" on IK Summer 2007 issue.
2 * 50 g Koigu KPPPM, color P207.
2.75mm, 3.0mm DPNs

Pair #11 Done

This is a design I'm playing with to see how I want to have the finished pattern turn out, so these will be one of a kind. But socks is socks, right? :-)

Fiesta Baby Boom in White Zinfandel, 2.25 mm needles

52PPII - 11 finished

19 July 2008

3rd Pair

Here is my 3rd pair. I originally had a different pattern planned for this yarn. However, the yarn and pattern were not working well together. I was about half way through both pairs when I decided to frog them. I was frustrated and decided I would make just a simple pair. My sons loved the color of this yarn so they wore me down so, this pair is for my 7 year old. It is just a simple 2x2 rib that I knit 2-At-A-Time.

Pair #7

This is pair #7.
Pattern: Tidal Wave socks by Deby Lake
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Whitewater

Started on: July 7
Finished on: July 16

This knit up pretty quickly. I found the pattern repeats to be addicting.

14 July 2008

hey hey hey hey LOOKIE SOCKS!!! the pics suck, so I choose the smaller size , i dont have sock blockers BUT THEYRE SOCKS! YAHOO!!!!! and soon they will be on their way to their new happy feet homes!




the pics suck cause ive been too busy dying yarn and taking photos for THESE puppies! been designing for my sock club and my etsy shop! who wants a copy? im so proud of these! especially the purple ones! and I'll be knitting mates so I can put them in the 52 pair plunge! so these ones dont count yet. i just wanted to show them off!


Pair #10 Done -- Nanners

Nanners by Wendy D. Johnson
Wollmeise Spina di Pesci
2.25 mm needles

Completed Nanners

10 July 2008

Madmoon's Progress

Originally uploaded by madmoon

Finally have pair 7 done. Whew! These were the neverending socks. I worked cuff down and all my measurements were off and I ended up redoing the toe. The pattern is Chevron from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.

08 July 2008

Pair #5

Basic Slip Stitch Socks

Pattern: Basic Slip Stitch Socks
Yarn: Sophie's Toes Carnival
Needle: Knit Picks US 1.5

First eight pairs

Sorry, I has been lazy to finish my socks, here they come!

#1.Baby socks to little Sonja Kristiina, yarn: Novita Wool Sävy

#2.Kerttu socks, yarn: Novita Seitsemän Veljestä

#3. Jaywalker socks, yarn: Regia 4-fädig Jacquard Color

#4: Monkey socks, yarn: Mokkasukka, Delphinium

#5: Monkey socks to my friend Irmeli, yarn: Fortissima socka Mexiko color mit Bambou

#6: Basic socks with stripes; yarn: Novita Seitsemän veljestä

#7: Basic socks; yarn: Novita Seitsemän veljestä.

#8: Socks, model from Hepsi's blog http://hepsi.vuodatus.net/
yarn: Novita Seitsemän Veljestä
This pair goes to my friend Ritva (at Hepsi's blog she showed a pair which she was going to give her friend Ritva).

Pair #9 Done -- Slave to the Plurk

My 9th pair is completed as of last night. This pattern is my own design called Slave to the Plurk, and it will be offered as a free download through Ravelry when I finish writing it up. If you are a Plurker, you can see the timelines of your friends reflected in the sock’s stitch pattern. If you aren’t a Plurker yet, you can join the fun here. See you there!

The pattern will offer instructions for both toe-up and top-down construction. This pair was knit toe-up with a hybrid mini-gusset/short-row heel and finished with a turned hem cuff. The yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight in Sunstone, knit on 2.25 mm needles.

Slave to the Plurk

07 July 2008

Pair # 6

This is pair #6
Pattern: Plain stockinette
Yarn: STR Mediumweight in Mist
Needles: Size 3

06 July 2008

Pairs 2 & 3 Complete

I keep forgetting that there is a blog for this too but I've posted on Ravelry. I'm a bit behind on socks but my husband and I are moving to Ohio the 1st of August so I will have 2700 miles of knitting. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm sure I'll get ahead on socks during that time. I also have a sweater planned and a few to finish that if I'm trapped in a car maybe I will put the darn button bands on. Anyway, on to the socks:
Pair 2-Froot Loop pattern in Colinette Jitterbug colorway Blue Parrot

Pair 3 is Fancy Silk Sock pattern from Vintage Knits in Pagewood Farms Chugiak-Forest Camo colorway

Pair #6 and #7

Pairs number six and seven. Pair number six was started on Thursday evening and finished on Saturday morning. Pair number seven was a wip started in May but finished today.
Next pair will be a pair of RPM's... that pattern looks fun - I can't wait!

Pair #6
Pattern: Top Down Vanilla Stockinette
Yarn: Knitpicks Imagination in Lost Boys
Needles: KP Size 1(2.25mm) circulars

Pattern: Carolina (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Knitpicks Simple Stripes in Tropical
Needles: KP size 2.5

04 July 2008

Pair #8 Done -- Simple Pleasure

My design -- Simple Pleasure -- completed on July 1, 2008 from Tausendshon superwash sock yarn in the Klabautermann colorway, size 2.25 mm needles.

Simple Pleasure #2


YarnAddictAnni superwash merino,
color Sockamania Plus Club June 08.
2.75mm DPNs, 52 sts.

Very nice merino yarn, feels quite lot like Jitterbug.

03 July 2008

Madmoon's progress

Originally uploaded by madmoon

Yeah!!! Pair 6 done. Now I can get busy on pair 7 over the weekend. This is Lacy Mock Cable Socks by Kat. Very easy pattern to knit. I altered the pattern by knitting toe up and doing a short row heel instead of a heel flap. Onward to pair 7.

Pairs 3 and 4

Pair 3:

Monkey Kaw KAw

Pattern: Monkey
Yarn: BMFA Socks that Rock lightweight Kaw Kaw
Needle: Knit Picks US 1.5
Mods: Eye-of-partridge heel

Pair 4:

Coney Island Jaywalkers

Pattern: Jaywalkers
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Coney Island
Needle: Knit Picks US 1.5
Mods: Short-row heel

02 July 2008

Pairs 4 and 5

First up, Lenore Socks:, from last year's Socks that Rock Sock Club:

For once, I used the suggested yarn (STR lightweight, in the Lenore colorway), suggested needles (2.5 mm--I magic-looped), and didn't modify the pattern that I'm aware of. I made the regular size, which is only 60 sts around, so they seemed to go really fast.

And my millionth (4th) pair of Monkey Socks, for a friend:

She's wanted these socks forever, but hates knitting socks, so she gave me the yarn she'd planned to use... it's gorgeous, but I'm not sure what it is! I definitely used size 2 needles though!

For some variety, I'm working on my next pair (which I'm hoping to finish tonight... but tomorrow may be more realistic) toe-up, 2 at a time. It's going fine, but working both at the same time is kind of driving me crazy. Although I know intellectually that I'm not knitting (that much) slow than usual, it turns out that most of my motivation comes from seeing my sock get longer--working both at once, that takes twice as long, and I'm less than half as motivated. I'm a couple of inches into the legs at last, so the end is in sight.

Blue Heart Socks

Blue Heart socks.
Dream In Color Smooshy, Some Summer Sky.
Heart motif taken from Heart Lace socks by Emilee Knits. 68 sts, size 43, 2.75mm DPNs

This is my fourth pair, first socks from next three pairs are already finished.


01 July 2008

Mosaic Socks - Pair #4

So, here are my 4th pair of socks for this plunge. They are my first (but not last) venture into entrelac.


Mosaic Socks by Diane Mulholland
from Sock(topus)Club 2007/08

Middlearthknitter Yarns Sock Yarn, Colorways Charoite and Azurite.

I actually started them early in June, but had to frog and restart them on the 21st to do the entrelac with a smaller needle to get it to turn out right.