21 July 2008

Sock Rodeo

I've been away from the internet and knitting madly (on trains, planes and automobiles), so I have all kinds of progress:

Pair 6:
Pretty basic toe-up socks, except I knit them both at the same time, thinking that would provide some variety amongst the constant sock knitting. I did like having them both done at once, but while I was knitting I felt like it took forever!

Pair 7:
the Rushing Rivulet Socks from New Pathways for Socks Knitters. It's the riverbed architecture, and while it was interesting, I'm not crazy about the way they fit my arch--kind of gap-y.

Pair 8:
Toe-up socks knit from my own handspun (Coopworth wool). The socks are pretty plain, but I love how they turned out--and how the stripes seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Pair 9:
More handspun, this time merino. The yarn was thicker, so these are more like house-socks or slippers. But they're definitely cozy!


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