29 December 2008

pairs 13 and 14

Finished a little christmas sock knitting. This pair is for my niece. Woman's size 10 Opal crocodile in browns and oranges.
And this pair is for my niece's hubby. DGB Confetti yarn in blue/black/white colorways. These are a men's size 10 xw foot. I had issues finding the repeat so I ended up doing the tops in maroon knitpicks. I love them.

22 December 2008

Madmoon's progress

Sock bookmarks
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Pairs 16 through 21. These were a hoot to make. I got the pattern from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". I just altered the pattern a little bit and added a crochet chain and turned a pair into a book thong. These were Christmas gifts.

Madmoon's progress

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Pair 15 finally finished. Well, they've been done for a while, but with all the Christmas knitting, I just didn't have time to take a pic and get it uploaded.

14 December 2008

Ten of 52

Pair #10. 

Cascade Handpaint - wonderful yarn, great color! I used a not too fussy lace pattern and it looks great (IMHO) in this yarn.

I hope she likes them. More on that eventually.

04 December 2008

9 down

I've finally posted picture of #9!!! ALthough these socks look goofy as heck color-way-wise (great grammar, eh?), they are really fun and always make me smile. Whether they'll actually be worn by their recipient...