08 June 2009

it was fun while it lasted

....but may I please be excused from this blog? Thank you.

05 June 2009

anyone who'd like to come to the shop and join in the fun....World Wide Knit in Public Day is Saturday June 13th;.
I will have drinks and snacks avail from12-4 for your enjoyment.
all are invited bring a chair, your needles and yarn and sit and knit with us!
past the word!
also there will be a 15% discount for all purchases. and a special door prize at 4pm.
KG Krafts 260 New Boston Rd Fall River, MA

01 June 2009


52PPIII has officially begun! If you have not yet signed up and would like to be a participant:
Please email jenncoulter @ gmail dot com to officially register. Registration will close June 21,2009. Participants will be eligible for some special rewards along the way so sign up now.

26 May 2009

Madmoon's Progress

Pair 24 finished. This is Faceted Rib socks from The Little Box of Socks. I didn't quite make it halfway, but I made more socks than I would have without the challenge. I am signed up for PPIII :)


24 May 2009

The Plunge v3.0

Are you all ready to start the next plunge?! We have a new blog and a new group on Ravelry set up! Also new this year are the hosts running the plunge so please be patient as we work together to make this the best plunge yet!

Sign ups are on, please email jenncoulter @ gmail dot com to officially register and be invited to the blog, only the first 97 entries get in so be quick ;)

22 May 2009


When do we sign up for 52 Pair Plunge III? I am ready for the challenge!

21 May 2009

Dunegrass and hubbyhouse, 14, 15

I have had a really bad luck with socks this month...
First, I ordered some needles... I have extremely loose hand, so I need sock needles that are smaller than 2mm to knit socks with right gauge... Yes, yes, I know, I haven't spoken of much else this month.
Anyway, I started knitting Dune grass socks. The gauge is up the walls, but I adjusted the pattern. Really, not rocket science. I made one mistake though... it should have been 7n+1 and I made 7n+1 for both needles (I knitted two at a time on circular needles). Then, after the heel I should loose the +1 and have 7n stitches... I had 44, so I went down to 42. In the forming of the nice, nifty triangle in the back of the socks, 7 stitches are decreased. So I ended up with a sock with 35 stitches... for a grown man. Not even I knit that loose! So I tried to add the stitches, up to 49. Well... I suppose that would have worked, but I kept making mistakes, knitting wrong, dropping stitches... it was as if the sock was cursed! I have used two days to try to knit one effing sock leg! This morning I decided to give it up, and just knit the sock in pattern, no fancy heels and such. It took me like 5 hours to knit the legs to both socks. :->

I also made my dearest husband Hubby House Socks of cotton. Cotton is not very nice thing to knit socks with, it's way too sloppy and so, but he likes them just the way they are... too loose to my liking, with the stranded pattern too tight. Wool would be more forgiving... But - he's happy, I'm happy :-)

Now off to next sock project :-)