02 July 2008

Pairs 4 and 5

First up, Lenore Socks:, from last year's Socks that Rock Sock Club:

For once, I used the suggested yarn (STR lightweight, in the Lenore colorway), suggested needles (2.5 mm--I magic-looped), and didn't modify the pattern that I'm aware of. I made the regular size, which is only 60 sts around, so they seemed to go really fast.

And my millionth (4th) pair of Monkey Socks, for a friend:

She's wanted these socks forever, but hates knitting socks, so she gave me the yarn she'd planned to use... it's gorgeous, but I'm not sure what it is! I definitely used size 2 needles though!

For some variety, I'm working on my next pair (which I'm hoping to finish tonight... but tomorrow may be more realistic) toe-up, 2 at a time. It's going fine, but working both at the same time is kind of driving me crazy. Although I know intellectually that I'm not knitting (that much) slow than usual, it turns out that most of my motivation comes from seeing my sock get longer--working both at once, that takes twice as long, and I'm less than half as motivated. I'm a couple of inches into the legs at last, so the end is in sight.

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