22 May 2008

Ready, set ...

HELLO! I'm excited about this. So excited that I started finishing up some long-time UFO socks - not a particularly good strategy I fear. Any way, I'm really glad to be here and raring to go.

The first two weeks of June shall be the Fortnight of Baby Socks! I can hardly wait.

Cheers to all,




eKNITabeth said...

yep, me too... but not for me--for friends!
how bad of a friend am i that i'm not casting on socks for their darling children for 2 more weeks just because i want them to count for this challenge ;D


Big Sis said...

I'll join you on your Fortnight of Baby Socks... I'm insane, and signed up for the Summer of Socks, too. But I have a few pairs of baby socks to make for babies of friends, and wanted to make a few pairs to try to sell, and since babes don't count for SOS, I want to get them done early in June. At least we'll get to work with a running start. (I'm pretty sure I can make at least one pair of BABY socks a week, sheesh.)