22 May 2008

Plunging in

So, this is my first ever sock challenge. May as well jump right into the deep end, huh? Oh, and by the way, how many people from last year managed to knit 52 pairs? And did the 52PP actually kill anyone? :-) Any resultant insane asylum commitments from last year's group?

I pretty much knit only one pair of socks at a time, both socks at once, so I never have an unfinished pair stuck somewhere in limbo. Right now, I have a pair on the needles which I'm designing for a pattern. I'm knitting from Panda Silk, which I've never used before. Another inch and I'll be ready to work the heel on this pair of toe-up socks.

Along with the goal of knitting 52 pairs of socks during the Plunge, I've set myself the task of seeing how many of the pairs I'll be designing myself. I've been in quite a sock designing mode of late, and have been keeping myself and my test knitter busy. Seems like I tend to birth sock design ideas in pairs. Too bad I can't grow another pair of arms to go with. :-)

So, I'm looking forward to this challenge, and my hope is that I can keep focused and remember that the best way to knit 52 pairs of socks is simply to put my head down, grab the needles, and go at it one pair at a time and not overwhelm myself with the idea of all those future socks!

Happy knitting to all the Plungers! (wow, that sounds oddly like some sort of bathroom humor, doesn't it?)

(TerryRoss on Ravelry)


Leslie said...

I took the Plunge last year and managed (just barely) to finish 52 pairs. My resolution for this year? DO NOT FALL BEHIND! Of course it remains to be seen how long I can actually live up to that unrealistic goal.

As for the asylum, I didn't get committed last year -- but perhaps will be as soon as my friends find out that I've signed up for the Plunge again :-)

Terry Ross said...

Congratulations, Leslie! I feel like if I can just get myself to knit a pair each week that the 52 will take care of themselves . . . I need to try and keep focused on the small picture.

I think my friends think I may have gone round the bend on this one!

rjsams said...

I'd like to know how many people made the 52 pairs last year, too. I can't believe I signed up for it. I doubt I'll make it, but I'm gonna give it a try. I have my sock stash and Ravelry queue ready to go!!