11 June 2008

Trinity's Socks

You are all such inspirations. Everyones' knitting is so perfect and so beautiful. I am in awe of those who knit socks overnight...incredible. I knit sloooowly for relaxation. I never frog, I always tink, tink, tink. I know, I know...no guts, no glory. Anyway here is pair #1 for the Plunge. It is loosely based on Hearts and Stripes which I got from Knitting Patterns Central. The yarn is Plymouth Wildflower D.K. in Color #63. Other than the square toes and "Donkey Ears" I am quite pleased with them. GRRR..Blogger will not upload the pic. Darling Hubby will help me with it this week-end. In the meantime I will go back to knitting my "plain janes".

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