08 June 2008

Pair #4 Done -- Emma's Anklets

These knit up quickly from the remnants of Pair #3 (Lime and Violet Sasquatch Sock in Violet's Spring and 2.25 mm needles) with yarn left over still. Since they are for our 3-year old, a day's knitting got this pair done.

Oh, and I don't usually knit this quickly, in case people are wondering. I've just had a very productive first week, which kicked off with a pair that I'd started a few days before June 1 and completed after the Plunge began.

With 4 pairs down, however, I can say that I'm feeling like I've collected some breathing space for myself so I can relax a little and enjoy the sock knitting ride!

1 comment:

Mustakoyra said...

Very nice I like both the colorway and the style/pattern. I've never made anklets but seeing these has me putting a pair on my list for the 52.