08 June 2008

2 pair down...

50 to go :)

Week 1 progress - finished the pair I started on June 1st and also a WIP from May.

(More sock details on my blog or Ravelry. Hope everyone is enjoying the plunge!)


Debi said...

The pink ones are fit for a princess. Very pretty. What pattern is that please? The other socks are sooooh HAPPY! They immediately made me smile. :D

laurie in maine said...

The pink ones are a free pattern online called Snowflake Lace. Was a Magknit pattern but designer has the pattern on her site:

I had trouble with the pattern at first (she confesses to being left handed) said her chart was intended to be read left to right. Written directions are backwards for chart readers used to reading right to left.

It's symmetrical though, so pattern comes out okay no matter which way you go. JUST DON'T SWITCH BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN HER WRITTEN DIRECTION & CHART! Pick one OR the other!!