14 June 2008

Misadventures in Plunge Land

Soooo ... I had high hopes of completing four fairly unambitious projects before Summer of Socks starts.

Goal #1 - Complete Hedgerow socks. Check .

Goal #2 - Knit sock #2 of Serendipity Socks from January RSC kit. Find that whereas sock #1 striped, sock #2 pools. Forge on. Frog short row heel x2. Discover that I have been knitting with 2 2.25 mm needles, 1 2.5 mm needle, and 1 2 mm needle. Decide I cannot handle stupid pooling and must reknit entire sock using complete set of 2.25 needles. Off to frog pond.

Goal #3 - Knit pair of newborn baby socks. Choose Opal baby sock pattern. Get to toe decreases of sock #1 before deciding that pattern writer must have been under influence of some brain altering chemical. Frog sock #1. Reknit using trusted "Pieces of Eight" pattern. Complete pair. Photo to follow.

Goal #4 - Knit second pair of larger baby socks. Complete sock #1. Can I knit sock #2 without mishap???

In the meantime, lose several hours of knitting time to attack of computer virus and DC Orange Line metro meltdown

I'm beginning to think I'm not ready to play in the big leagues. I have officially renamed this exercise the "How many pair can I knit in a year plunge". Since this still has some small chance of being 52, I'm still in the chase.


Bea (onestitchatatime on Ravelry)

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