31 May 2008


WOW. I am So excited to start this! I cast on my first pair this morning! plain socks, yes, I decided that I'm going to do socks in all sizes first ( nail down my xmas list HA two birds with one stone! hee hee hee) and then I'm going to focus on making different sock patterns and such. The yarn I'm using is all going to be hand dyed ( hopefully if my budget can handle it). I decided I'm going to do this to show support for my fellow indie dyers! I'll also "cheat" and use my own hand dyed yarn that ends up being bum ( knots and such) skiens that I cant sell. Sometimes I sell them at a discount but this time I'll keep them mostly for myself to knit for the plunge.

On another note-I checked out Tag galaxy ( the link is in a post somewhere here and I suck at linking things) IT IS TOTALLY WICKED!! I love the site. type in ravelry you will get awesome results!
Here we go head first into the water! YAY!

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