31 May 2008

oopsies. MUST STOP

OK so I realized I had made a HUGE blunder right this second. ITS NOT THE FIRST YET!! silly me getting ahead of myself! So I've stopped the socks! I only got two rows past the cast on but if I have to frog them all the way I'll do it! I hope this doesnt disqualify me!. eeee how embarrasing!! ha ha ha!. ok so I'll be staying up until midnight now to re-cast on these socks or continue them they way they are. oopsie daisies!

1 comment:

eKNITabeth said...

I'll forgive you this once ;D
(if you didn't frog it, you should stop at the same time next summer as you started yesterday... if you are starting it over, you can knit till midnight 6/1/09)