29 May 2008

3 days till take-off!

I am looking forward to taking the Plunge.

I can’t do plans when knitting, it utterly defeats the purpose for me and I get all stressed out and my sock mojo goes away. My only goal is to knit away on whatever socks strike my fancy, while resting assured that I am not alone in my insanity. When my sanity is questioned I can point out those crazy 52 Plungers who have knit more socks, own more stash, and basically make me look like an underachiever.

And what is up with all the sock yarn sales? I am on a budget, people! It is diabolical to time sock yarn sales to coincide with the starting date of the best excuse ever for sock yarn stashing.

LauraB – clinging to her sock yarn budget by a fraying thread

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