20 March 2009

Welcome Spring!

Welcome Spring!!!
The Crocus are up and opening, the Hynaciths are peeking purple heads on dark green stems,the tulips are popping through.
Birds are flying here and there looking for nest building materials and the squirrels are running everyway!
I've seen the bugs beginning to stir and fly soon the worms will catch your eye.

It's been a long long winter but the sun is strong and the winds are blowing, the message is clear Springs' a coming!


this is the time of year where my creative juices start to flow and I find that I have so many projects and so many ideas and so little time that I start to overflow with emotions of never going to be able to get it all out!
I run the gamit of the joy of finishing projects, the anticipation of starting way more than I finish and the guilt of all that I still have to find time for!
May your first day of Spring be filled with the joys of sun,song, and great things.!

"Tommorow is a new adventure to expore when it becomes today!"

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