12 August 2008

Pair #14 and Pair #15 Done

My pairs #14 and #15 completed in August are for contribution to a book project. Pair #14 is in Louet Gems Pearl in Sandstone. Pair #15 is in Louet Gems Pearl in Caribbean Blue. Both are knit from the same design (mine) on 2.25 mm needles. One is knit top-down and the other toe-up.



Debi said...

Woo Hoo! Terry has done it again!! From what I can see they are gorgeous....love the antique-ie rose color and the blue. Can't wait to hear what the book is. Terry, you are amazing!

Terry Ross said...

Thanks, Debi! I can't wait to see this book too. It isn't mine, but one someone else is doing. It'll be exciting!