07 August 2008

Delinquent Knitter :0...4/52

Seems I am a bit behind, but it's OK. Here is #4 I believe. Poor color choice for my first attempt at cable knitting. A nice soft solid or heathery color would have shown it off better. I also tried to get the socks to mirror one another, not so much...but I am happy with the results. It is the Celtic Cable Heel sock knitted with 4 full repeats. The yarn is Wildfoote Rhapsody...and I love the rich colors. These have already been sent to my eldest daughter and she likes a snug fit through the foot....and I changed from a size 2 needle from the leg to a size #1 on the heel to toe portion.It also makes them last longer. I had never knitted a patterned sock before other than a little heart here and there, but this is my first ever Cable. It was a fun learning experience. I still cannot knit toe-up, but Oh well....to everything there is a season. Happy knitting to all.

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