04 June 2008

Still working on 1st pair of socks

I am still busy knitting on my 1st pair of socks for the 52 plunge.
Am knitting a lacy pattern called Uzume. My goal is to knit most of the patterns of momma Monkey Toes and also Cookie A.
I found my yarn tonight for Cookie A's sock for next week called SRK On Your Toes w/Aloe Vera.
Also picked up Panda cotton for socks for my future little grandson who we call Peanut.
This is a wonderful journey for all of us planning ahead different yarns and sock patterns.
Congratulations to the ones that are finished already. I also have a 2 pairs of socks on the go which have 3 +1 rib pattern which I call my mindless knitting.
Knit when my friend comes for coffee and to watch Y & R. I can't just seem to sit and watch tv , always have to be doing something with my hands.

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