18 June 2008

Shameful Progress

I have no pictures to add to this wonderful blog because I don't have a completed pair of socks. Here it is, June 18, and nothing to show. How pitiful. Life gets in the way sometimes. I'm not giving up, it's early. You fast knitters out there amaze me, I have to admit. How do you do it?

I have to remind myself that knitting is my hobby, and is suppose to be enjoyed at leisure. I am trying not to get down about the lack of knitting in my life, but after this week, life should slow down a bit.


littlelib said...

I wouldn't worry about the lack of progress, I haven't finished a pair (or even a sock) yet either :) Things have been busy for me too and I have two different socks on the needles and will hopefully have at least 1/2 a pair completed by the end of the weekend. Have fun!

Debi said...

Life happens....relax and enjoy!
I knit very slowly too and am amazed and inspired by the rest of the group. Post your work in progress. I know when knitting is put down it patiently waits to be picked up again.....the sock fairies do not come in the middle of the night and finish them for you :D

socks and said...

Not to worry. As you can see it's now June 30 and I have yet to finish a pair of socks started after the first. Oh knitting has been done but no socks off my needles yet. Hang in there and just remember this is not a race or juried contest. Its just another way for knitters to encourage each other in their addiction. Happy Knitting, Alice