21 June 2008

Pair #6 Done -- Regalia

Regalia pair

I completed my sixth pair of 52PPII socks last night. My own design, Regalia is knit from Wollmeise Sockenwolle 100% Merino Superwash in the beautiful Rittersporn color using 2.25 mm needles. Beginning with a folded hem, this design is knit top-down with a mirrored stitch pattern for the right and left legs, the motif is located off center. The heel is a standard heel stitch heel flap with a French heel. There is a standard wedge toe. The sock is designed for Ladies S (M, L) and features optional beading within the motif’s medallions.The design is clearly charted, with no written stitch instructions given for the stitch pattern. Intead, instructions for how to read the chart are given for those who have little or no experience with chart reading


annette2u said...

Hi Terry
Love your sock pattern. Wow you are just motoring along.
Have started 5 pairs of different patterns this past couple of weeks so have to get them completed before I cast another pair on the needles.
I just love how we are all inspired here by all the beautiful patterns.
Will never live long enough to complete all the ones I want to make.

Debi said...

Stunning! Once again, I am in awe. I read that you are going to design as many of the 52 yourself. YOU are incredibly talented. I look forward to seeing the next creation.

Terry Ross said...

Thanks, Annette! Cruising along indeed. What a way to go, huh? I'm really enjoying all the sock photos here. Everyone is doing such a lovely job of knitting their socks.

Terry Ross said...


Thanks! Yes, I want to see how many of the pairs I can design for myself. I appreciate you kind comments.


annette2u said...

I too want to knit my own designs as they do mean a lot knowing you have did it all yourself.
Keep up the great work and I too am look forward to seeing your next pair. Only 46 more to go.

Terry Ross said...

I'm eager to see your designs as well, Annette.


Lindsay said...

These are so, so beautiful! I've queued a few of your patterns before but for some reason never linked your ravatar with the name. You do such inspiring work!

Terry Ross said...


Thanks so much for admiring my designs. I hope you'll have time to knit some of them and let me know how they turn out for you.

I'm sure loving Ravelry and all the opportunities and people that come along. :-)