07 June 2008

Pair #3 Done -- Enchantress

My third pair of socks is complete as of this evening. These were knit from Lime and Violet Sasquatch Sock in Violet's Spring. I have enough left over to knit one of my girls a pair of socks as well. This pattern will be available later on this month after my test knitter completes the solid color version in black Panda Silk.


genny said...

Knitting is fun but i don't know how to do that. I just know crosstitch and enjoy it.

Karin said...

3 pairs in one week?
Do tell how you did that?

Terry Ross said...

Well, I've had a good knitting week. Pair #1 was one I'd started the last week in May and had about 3 inches or so that I finished up last Sunday. Pair #2 was from the remnants of that pair, and were for our 4-year old. Those worked up really quickly, and so I was able to start Pair #3 on Tuesday, I think, and finished them up Saturday. Believe me. . . this is NOT a typical sock week for me! But I felt as though I needed to get a sock cushion as quickly as possible in case I run into time problems later. This is by no means my usual pace!