02 June 2008

Pair #2 Done -- Abby's Anklets

These socks were started for my little birthday girl yesterday on her 4th birthday, and I finished them today.  You see them here on her feet, alongside some of her birthday swag.  These were knit from the Fiesta Baby Boom Dreamsicle remnants I had left from my Flamenco socks I finished yesterday.

On to #3!


Ketutar said...

I KNOW this is not a competition, but... I'M A WORKAHOLIC AND... AAAAAARGH!!!!
Very pretty these too :-)

Terry Ross said...

Thanks! Well, you know kid feet are much faster to knit for! At any rate, I'm hoping that if I can get myself a few pairs worth of breathing room I won't spend the year in total panic mode!

And I TOTALLY get the workaholic vibe!


Meghann said...

Those are SOOOOOOO cute!

Terry Ross said...

Thanks, Meghann!

Kim said...

Love these! I must ask...what pattern did you use?

Terry Ross said...

Thanks, Kim . . .

No pattern, it's my own design, based part of the stitch pattern in my new Flamenco design.

Basically, it's toe up with a provisional cast on and a garter stitch short-row toe, then the foot in the stitch pattern. The heel is a combination heel with a small gusset increasing to the garter short-row heel and then followed by decreasing the mini-gusset while simultaneously doing the cuff of the sock in a k2, p1 rib pattern.

Glad you like them!