01 June 2008

Pair #1 Done -- Flamenco

I've just completed my first pair, which was started last week. My Flamenco socks (pattern available on my website and at Ravelry later on this week) were knit from Fiesta Baby Boom in Dreamsicle. I had enough yarn left over that as you can see in the photo, I've cast on for a pair of footies/anklets for one of the 3-year olds, so Pair #2 is underway.

Happy knitting everyone!



marie_dressler said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Terry Ross said...

Thank you so much, Marie. Gorgeous yarn makes it so much more fun to knit!


Leslie said...


Ketutar said...

Thank Goddess you started it already last week... I was getting serious achievement anxiety LOL

I have started my socks :-D