02 June 2008

Off to a good start

Ok, just to keep up I pushed myself to finish one of the legs last night. I can't believe that some of the other knitters are already done with their first pair! I so jealous, if only I had their speed. I am happy that I have 25% of the sock done though. That is faster than I have been in the past.

My hubby says I really need to learn the Yarn Harlot's way of knitting. We saw her when we went to the Maker Faire ( something we would both enjoy) and apparently he was really really impressed by not only her humor, but her speed. He's been pushing me to learn that technique ever since. Unfortunately, since she is the Yarn Harlot, there was a huge crowd. Now I am only 4'11" so he had a much better view when she demonstrated what she was doing. When I ask him what she was doing, all he answers is: "moving her fingers back and forth". Ugghh! He's honestly not much help in the knitting department, but he does have a heart of gold. :)

If any of you wonderful people know the name of her technique or where I can find a video, I would be eternally grateful!


Kelly said...

Irish Cottage Knitting....google it and there is a video of her with a description by The Anticraft...

MamaCat said...

Thank you so very much!