18 June 2008

first pair done!

finally finished my first pair on saturday! i am very happy with how they turned out, though the top of them are a little too tight. my husband had to really work them over his heel. i started a new pair and took some great advice - cast on with two needles instead of one….
the pattern is from Nancy Bush’s book “Knitting on the Road” - Friday Harbor. The yarn is Berroco sox.
THIS IS MY FIRST COMPLETE PAIR EVER (i taught myself how to knit aboard my sailboat this past winter) text!!! i am hooked on dpns, and watching socks come together.
i am open to any advice. i would really like to try the magic loop method - if anyone has any good websites, please let me know!!


WheatFran said...

Beautiful... and so new at sock knitting - well done!!

As for the fit, sometimes using a size or two bigger needle for the whole leg, or just the upper part of the leg helps when the pattern as written would otherwise be too snug in these areas. I sometimes use three sizes - one for the top 1-2 ", then one size smaller for the remaining leg, then the smallest size for the foot. You get a nice tapered fit without all the increase/decrease shaping.

alaskanalissa said...

i will try this next time! good idea - never thought of that....

Debi said...

I use a twisted German cast on. It is a clean looking cast on with some stretch. That may help aleviate some of the problem I have also used one size larger for the leg than for the foot and one needle size smaller for the heel and sole from the instep. #3 for cuff and upper leg, #2 for ankle and instep and #1 to get a sturdy heel and sole. Fine job of knitting your first socks! Kudos!