22 May 2008

Thanks for letting me be part of this

Wow I am finally in and maybe have to spend more time understanding how to post.
I am on my 43 and 44 th pairs of socks since the end of August 2007.
So don't think I will have a problem making the 52 quota.
Also going to have a new grandson the beginning of Sept.
So need to knit lots of baby COTTON socks so I am told.
MY DIL says she wants all the baby things in cotton so will have to find more cotton sock yarns suitable for the new baby.
My other grandkids are just happy to have homemade socks.
They are looking for them already when I visit.
I am a 66 year old grandmother of 3 right now. A beautiful grandaughter who is 10 next month.
My other two grandsons are 11 and 12. So will be nice for us to have a little one to hold again as the older children are pass that already. They sure do grow up fast.
Hugs and blessings everyone to a wonderful knitting experience.

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