26 May 2008

Nervous, But Ready

I can't believe I signed up for this...

This is what has been going through my head for about 3 weeks now. I have never completed a pair of socks in a week, let alone 52 in 52 weeks! I may actually make it though with a trial run this week with a pair that I am making for my dad. So far I am on schedule. However, I am also on vacation... meaning I have more time to knit than I usually do.

I know that this is a personal challenge though and that there are no punishments for not finishing a pair each week, but still a little intimidated. I am taking this opportunity, not only to increase my speed at knitting, but also to explore new patterns.

I love all of the ideas that I have seen so far about gathering patterns and creating a bag for each week. I may do that with a couple, but for the most part I am a "must see to do" person... out of sight, out of mind. ;D I have a HUGE basket filled with nothing but sock yarn that is just calling my name. I keep going in and picking up skeins and imaging what I can make with them. I always get excited about this challenge whenever I do that.

I think for the most part I am ready, just a little nervous about keeping up...

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