24 May 2008

I'm going to work with these

The big plastic containers hold my yarn stash. Most of it is sock yarn, and my goal for plunge is to knit socks from stash until I run out. (Since I'm not renewing my sock club, I will be able to purchase yarn for a few pairs but not many...)

I haven't decided yet which will be my first pair. Probably Nancy Bush's New England socks from Knitting on the Road in white Regia Silk, but my mind changes almost daily. Rather than finishing one pair in a week, I'm trying to finish four pairs in a month. Simple stockinette stitch socks take about four days but patterned socks aren't as quick to knit.

To even things out (and it will be needed, because I have two Tsock Tsarina kits waiting!) I'm going to knit socks for my children.



Kim said...

WOW! That is a lot of sock yarn. I have maybe 3 or 4 balls of sock yarn in my stash. If only! :)

annette2u said...

Double WOW!
I feel the same way would love to have some of your stash.
I just brought 3 more balls of on your Toes Bamboo yarn and can hardly wait to try the yarn out.
Hope you have lots of fun knitting up a sock storm.